#Bono’s on #cnn talking about #creativi

#Bono’s on #cnn talking about #creativity. So humble. Love him.


10 Signs That I’m Basically an 80 Year Old Woman

I love my grandmother.  She’s 86…or 87? and still traveling, square dancing and enjoying life.  However, it’s been said to me many times that I’m basically a grandma.  Having given it some serious thought, and while I don’t think I can compare myself to the woman that my grandmother is, I think it’s time I accept that i am basically an old woman trap in a young woman’s body.


The Top 10 Signs That I’m Basically an 80 Year Old.

10. I always have freshly baked cookies for guests

9. I knit a lot

8. My favorite channel is TCM

7. I’ll yell at you if you leave lights on or let all the AC/heat out.

6. My boyfriend and I play a lot of cards when we hang out…and we love it.

5. My vintage décor has been likened to “grandma’s house”

4. I just in the past month got a smart phone

3. I get cold if it’s less than 75 degrees.

2. I might be overly attached to my cat

1. I go to bed at 9:00 PM and wake up at 5:00 AM


The only signs that I am still a young whipper snapper is I still play soccer and haven’t broken a hip, and I don’t pinch anyone’s cheeks….yet. Maybe this just means that my elder years will be my wild years.  Hey Grandma, want to go play bridge?


Are any of you older beyond your years?

Don’t Settle.

To this day, sixth grade was my favorite year in school. I remember the first day excitedly walking to my homeroom teacher’s room. I had gotten the teacher I had wanted, my brother’s old sixth grade teacher, Mr. Gordon. I always like having teachers that my brother had because he was a good kid and a good student. Once his old teachers realized I was his little sister, they always assumed I was equally likeable. I was instantly a teachers pet, of which I didn’t mind a little preferential treatment.


Although I was on time, I walked quickly to class, worried that all the good seats were already taken and I would have to sit next to the class nose picker (yes, we had one.) But, when I walked in the room I found that all the seats were still available. Everyone was still standing and for an instant I thought people were just too excited to sit down and were catching up about their rad summer trips.

That’s when I realized that no one was actually talking and everyone was kind of awkwardly leaning against the walls and desks, just staring off into space. Confused, I walked up to a group of my friends and asked, “Why aren’t we sitting?” In response my friend just pointed to the white board. Written in large letters were the words “Don’t Settle”. Our teacher had yet to come into the room, so we all took this to mean he was going to create a seating chart and to not get settled in any one particular seat.


The bell rang, a few minutes went by and my teacher walked hurriedly into class with a stack a papers. He looked up at us, kind of confused, and we looked back at him, equally confused.

“Why aren’t you guys sitting?”

In unison we pointed to the white board and said, “It says not to get settled”. It dawns on him what happened and he tells us to go ahead and take a seat and he will explain in a minute. We all find seats, unpack our bags and await his explanation.

Reptile Show

“Don’t Settle” he explained, “means to not settle for second best or the status quo. It means to always hope for, wish for, and want something more for yourself and for your life.”

I don’t remember much else from his welcome spiel except for the impact of those words. They have stuck with me and have impacted many of my life’s major decisions. They are what got me through numerous soccer games, hard math classes, and guys who just didn’t cut it in relationships. Those words have been the source of my determination, my purpose and my motivation to always work towards my dreams.


I have now been doing this job search for 3 months, but I am frequently taken back to those words. Every time I get a rejection email, or don’t get anything at all, I remember those words and they remind me of why I dream big. They remind me of the things I hope to accomplish in my lifetime and they remind me that all dreams have to start somewhere. That through the disappointments, the frustrations, and all the closed doors, a colonel of a dream is somewhere waiting to be discovered. If I allow myself to stop looking for that itty bitty seed of a dream then I will subsequently do the thing that I probably fear the most since hearing that message. Settling.

My Birthday Cake

Now surely by this point some of you are saying, “But Steph, you’re going to have to get a job to pay the bills and it probably won’t be the dream job you hoped it to be”.

It’s true, at some point I will get a job, at best probably entry-level and I will have to start at the bottom. To some that may appear that I settled for a job, but the way I see it, I just completed the task of getting a job. Success!!!

From there those words will once again inspire me to move ahead on my career path and look for ways to improve myself, my position, and my company. Those words will again carry me onward and upward so that someday when I achieve everything I wanted to achieve I actually can settle knowing I was never satisfied with second best, I never took the easy way out, and I never gave up on my dreams.

Are there areas of your life where you are settling?